Who We Are

top_4Right from inception, SONA BREWERIES PLC has been committed to excellent and high environmental standards. In line with the desire to maintain good environment at all levels of operations, the Management of Sona breweries Plc has made it a policy that all staff involved in laboratory operations, production process, packaging process and other services should be properly educated about their responsibilities in maintaining the set environmental standards.



Since its launch, Maltonic has been a leader in malt drinks The Maltonic brand is recognised as one of the best malt drink brand in Nigeria.It offers the consumer an acceptable alternative to mainstream soft drink and juices.


Sona’s brands are part of the Nigerian lifestyle, enjoyed by drinkers throughout the country and indeed the world.


Sona’s leading beer range are enjoyed by drinkers throughout Nigeria. Led by Dark Ale Lager, one of only a handful of truly global beer brands, our portfolio includes Tusk Lager Beer and Gold Lager Beer