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top_4Right from inception, SONA BREWERIES PLC has been committed to excellent and high environmental standards. In line with the desire to maintain good environment at all levels of operations, the Management of Sona breweries Plc has made it a policy that all staff involved in laboratory operations, production process, packaging process and other services should be properly educated about their responsibilities in maintaining the set environmental standards.



Since its launch, Maltonic has been a leader in malt drinks The Maltonic brand is recognised as one of the best malt drink brand in Nigeria.It offers the consumer an acceptable alternative to mainstream soft drink and juices.


Sona’s brands are part of the Nigerian lifestyle, enjoyed by drinkers throughout the country and indeed the world.


Sona’s leading beer range are enjoyed by drinkers throughout Nigeria. Led by Dark Ale Lager, one of only a handful of truly global beer brands, our portfolio includes Tusk Lager Beer and Gold Lager Beer



For any person who has experienced drinking the cocktail drink Manhattan, it is most likely that they will like it or even love it.  In fact, many experienced cocktail drinkers regard the Manhattan as one of their favorites.  Of course, even if the traditionally loved Manhattan that has been enjoyed for centuries is a great drink, one cannot help but put some twist  or spin into the creation of the cocktail.  Here is a simple step by step instruction on how to make the Manhattan with a twist using the signature Chinook Rye Whiskey – the Manhattan on the Rockies.

The ingredients needed for the Manhattan on the Rockies are:

2 oz. Chinook Signature Rye Whiskey
¾ oz. Vermouth or Cherry Juice
A touch of Bitters

To make the ideal Manhattan on the Rockies, the first things you need to get is a big cube of ice and place it in an elegant high-ball glass.  Once you have both and have placed the big cube of ice inside the high-ball glass, it is recommended that you place a small quantity of bitters directly on the cube of ice.  The reason for this is that it will help with the mixing process once you start adding the rye whiskey.  Now get a mixing beaker and place some ice inside it.  Place the 2 ounces of Chinook Signature Rye Whiskey into the mixing beaker and the ¾ ounce of vermouth.  If you want some sweetness, simply replace the vermouth and use cherry juice.  Now stir the content you have inside the mixing beaker.  After stirring, place a strainer atop the beaker opening and pour it inside the high-ball glass that you have readied earlier.

This recipe of a Manhattan can easily become one of your favorite drinks.  It is an alcoholic beverage that you can consume and enjoy without worrying about any extra calorie intake.