top_4Sona Brewery Quality Objective

• Adopting quality system based on international standard
• Producing consistently quality products through deployment of highly skilled man power and the best use of quality systems.
• Developing committed suppliers.
• Supplying our customers with consistent quality products.
• Engaging our employee in an environment of continual improvement and learning, maintaining safe and conducive work place.
• Meeting the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements.


...taste the nourishment

It in a non alcoholic malt drink known for its smoothness and pleasant hint of taste and characteristic foam.

It is available in 33cl bottles and in 6 pack carry home size.

Enriched with Vitamins A,B1,B2,B6 & C



Guaranteed Great Pleasure

It a brilliant light amber beer charectarised by a electric aroma, light to medium body and just the right brightness and elegant finish
It is available in 60cl bottles.



the taste that stands out

It is a full flavoured beer with a deep golden color and aroma. It is the right kick and taste for the action oriented individuals.
It is available in 60 cl bottles.



...in a world of its own

It is Nigeria’s first Dark ale, that is robust bodied beer know for its smoothness and a full flown with a distinct pleasant hint of characteristic foam.

It is available in 60cl, 33cl bottles and 6 pack carry home size.